Update 28:  04/09/2017  Tribute to Moebius new adds:

Apri Kusbiantoro:

  Indonesia's uprising.

Moebius tribute by A.K.  (Blueberry in front)

I was surfing the web in the first days of 2017, trying to find a way to focus a huge tribute to Jean Giraud. It was the fifth anniversary of his departure and I still couldn't believe he was gone. Then I randomly found this wonder in DevianArt. It was, without a doubt, one of the best tributes I had ever seen dedicated to Master Giraud, and I didn't even know who the author was, not even if he was a pro...and It was soooo Moebius' styled....

I send him a note asking him to join this tribute and he was delighted to join. We are talking about Apriyadi Kusbiantoro.

Wolverine.  Apriyadi Kusbiantoro.

Apriyadi Kusbiantoro was born on the Indonesian island of Lombok in 1976. He graduated from the Indonesian Art Institute in Jogjakarta and now works as 2D and 3D animator. He is one of the founder members of Urakurek studio developping animation for television serials as well as commercials.

Marduk.  Apriyadi Kusbiantoro.

In 1995, he establishes Petak Umpet Comunity with his college friends and become both an illustrator and graphic designer for three years.

In 2003, Urakurek Animation Studio was establised after working several years in Yakarta involved in many animation and story boarding projects for a numbers of television commercials, music videos, and movies.

Robert Johnson "the bluesman".  Apriyadi Kusbiantoro.

In the US, his art has appeared in Dark Horse Presents and he has also worked with Dutch writer Sytze Algera on 'Close Call', a comic story inspired by Don Lawrence's 'Trigian Empire', for the Flemish magazine P@per. The first book of Kusbiantoro and Algera's sword & sorcery series 'De verloren jaren van Lemuria' was published by Dark Dragon Books in 2014. Apri Kusbiantoro and writer Willem Ritstier launched their fantasy comic 'Saul' in StripGlossy in March 2017.

The spirit by A.K.

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