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Lieutenant Blueberry by Miguel Quesada

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Be welcome to our graphic encyclopaedia about Lieutenant Blueberry. We have new sections that include interviews with great professionals, Pro Art (drawings of Lieutenant Blueberry made by professionals too), and a gallery of the tribute to Moebius that we have developed throughout 2017, the fifth anniversary of the his departure.

And also...contents from A to Z. From Abraham Lincoln to Wyatt Earp... hundreds of photos of Lieutenant Blueberry's collection of comics are awaiting.

You can enjoy more than eight hundred entries with authors, albums, sagas, characters, locations.....images from all the comics and publications, many of them graphically retouched to improve their quality.

Good news for us fans of Lieutenant Blueberry: our favourite Lieutenant will have a new book published in two parts, Dargaud states that it's a tribute book that will be ready by the fall of 2018. We are in 2019 and the book hasn't already been published, but the project lives on. This is the last unleashed picture from the authors Blain and Sfar:

Artist Christophe Blain and Joann Sfar in the script will publish the first of the two volumes of a new adventure, keeping their own style, as you can see in the following picture....Blueberry and young Blueberry will be alive for a while.

They will tell how a half crazy, barbarous, uncontrollable fairground man (of German origin), the owner of a strange automaton capable of playing chess, will jeopardize by himself a fragile peace between the Indians and the American army. We will find Mike Steve Blueberry but also McClure in a story both crepuscular and fascinating. (Source: Dargaud).

New adventures of a fresh Lieutenant Blueberry expected by 2019

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