Update 29:  11/09/2017  Tribute to Moebius new adds:

Abdel de Bruxelles:

  A trully unique style.

Lieutenant Blueberry by Abdel de Bruxelles

Follow his work. Take a good look at his drawings, you won't regret it. You will surely end up loving his style.

Abdel de Bruxelles is a winning bet, an artist that makes it look easy. But one knows it's not that easy to combine talent with creativity and get to surprise his followers every day. He has 'it'.

'Diavolo' by Abdel de Bruxelles

It has taken a few long  months to have a drawing from him. I contacted Abdel and he showed me his willingness to take part of this tribute from the very beginning, and now, finally, we are happy to show you this great drawing of Jean Giraud special character, his Lieutenant Blueberry. And I am more than happy to have him on board.

Abdel de Bruxelles (real name: Abdel Bouzbiba) is a founding member of the Brussels Independent Comics Festival, Cultures Maison.  

Born in Morocco, he grew up in Narbonne, south of France before moving to Brussels, Belgium.  

After a few years producing different illustrations and commissioned drawings for the press and media, he creates 'Avril - Football, sortilèges et puberté', written by Antoine Dodé. 

Avril by Abdel de Bruxelles and Antoine Dodé

Abdel and Dodé also cooperated in the trilogy 'Magic Kino' (Vide Cocagne, 2011-12). He then worked with writer Fabien Grolleau on the fantasy comic 'Dum' at Vide Cocagne label.

Dum by Abdel de Bruxelles and Fabien Grolleau

Abdel has taken part this year in a very interesting comic book taking part of the Petite Bédétheque des savoirs collection: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a book masterly written by Vladimir Grigoreff (who sadly passed away this year, 2017). The aim is to explain the conflict and make the reader understand the facts that happenned from the very beginning, inviting us to meditate about it. An essential comic book that should be in our bookshelves...

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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