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   The tribute of José Manuel Marín

Lieutenant Blueberry by Jose M. Marín
Profile: devianart

This is are two watercolor drawings that Jose M. Marín, a.k.a. "Julkillo", from Cabra (Spain) did a few years ago to give tribute to Jean Giraud. He has agreed to share both in this blog.

Tribute to Moebius by Jose M. Marín

Jose M. has taken part in several published comic strips of  "El arca de las historietas" magazine and has created several nice acrylic paintings that can be seen in his devianart page.

El arca de las historietas was a magazine of short comic strips, whose objectives were entertainment, diffusion of the comic and the promotion of the authors that took part in it. It was edited by Zone 84 and Serendipity, and this magazine has closed, no more numbers will be published.

 "El arca de las historietas" magazine

Justice for the outlaw by Jose M. Marín