Update 38:  20/11/2017  Tribute to Moebius new adds:

   The art of Philippe Cottarel

Lieutenant Blueberry by Philippe Cottarel
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Devian Art: philcottarel 

The French artist based in the south of Paris Region wanted to share with us this tribute he made to the death of Moebius in 2012.

He has a good number of publications on the French comic scene, such as Caro Morane (many comics published as Morane or Caro & Jill), The pennyfarthing proyect, The prisoner: who's number One?, The final project, X-Files, Le prisonnier, or cinema fan arts.

Now Philippe is envolved in a great project. After a very long absence, Teddy Ted returns to a new comic album, a twilight and nostalgic western by Gerald Forton drawing and Philippe Cottarel inking. 

Teddy Ted is a French cartoon series created in 1963 by screenwriter Jacques Kamb and drawn by Yves Roy (pseudonym of Francisco Hidalgo). The name of the character was chosen by the master Jacques Kamb inspired by the alliteration formed by the name of Lucky Luke.

After three episodes, they "gave way" to Roger Lécureux in the script and Gérald Forton to the drawing that made the reputation.

Here is a gallery showing some other Philippe Cottarel works:

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