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    Joan Mundet's tribute

Tribute to Moebius by  Joan Mundet
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This week we remember the fantastic tribute that Joan Mundet dedicated to the genius Jean Giraud back in 2012, with a fantastic Lieutenant Blueberry who sadly looked at the tomb of his creator, with the gull Deepo appearing as a reference to his other great masterpiece, The Incal. This work is worthy of a master and is a huge tribute, among the best we have presented on this website.

Joan has allowed us to share this image in our blog for all of you. Born in Castellar del Vallés in 1956, he is a cartoonist, painter and illustrator who has lots of quality artworks.

In the Spanish market, he is very well-known for his works illustrating the novels of Captain Alatriste since the year 2000. Most part of us have read or browsed one of these novels of the famous character of Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

Captain Alatriste by  Joan Mundet

But Joan brings a lot more. His list of works is truly extensive. He took his first steps as a custom artist during the first half of the '70s, participating in important graphic publications of the time: Rambla, Rampa, Trinca or Kirk. Author of the novel Gari Folch; and co-author of Mil vidas along with Alfons López and Pepe Gálvez.

Since 2000 he has illustrated the novels of The Adventures of Captain Alatriste by the writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte, replacing Carlos Puerta. He has also illustrated the products derived from this same series of novels, such as the Captain's Role Playing Alatriste (2002) and the comic strips Captain Alatriste (2005) and Limpieza de sangre (2008).

He later creates 11-M, The graphic novel (with screenplay by Pepe Gálvez and Antoni Guiral), about the terrorist attacks in Madrid on March 11, 2004, and the comic book adaptations of the first two novels of Captain Alatriste: Captain Alatriste and Limpieza de Sangre, both with scripts by Carlos Giménez

11-M The graphic novel by Joan Mundet

With the online magazine Cayolargo, of which he is author and publisher, he publishes comics and episodes of Dago. Since 2008 he has contributed with the illustrations that accompany the opinion section of the weekly publication L'Actual.

2016. Joan Mundet develops Capablanca, a graphic novel about Joan Muntada, a bandit from the times of Alatriste, the golden age, with Pepe Gálvez as co-writer.

Looking for Nobody by Joan Mundet

2017. Looking for Nobody. Another graphic novel set in the United States of America and with music as a common thread. And the second volume of CapaBlanca, Dos muertes, which gives continuity to the adventures of this bandit.

Capablanca by Joan Mundet

This is our interview to Joan Mundet:

- TBE:  What has your biggest artistic influence been and how has your drawing style evolved?

There are several influences, they depend on the time and my evolution as an artist, although sooner or later one returns to its origins. 

My first influence came from one of the artists of the magazine Rin Tin Tin and his follower Davy and his faithful Roy named Ricardo Beyloc. Through it (I copied or recreated cartoons of other artists) I met his versions of Jesus Blasco, Alex Raymond, Jose Luis Salinas, Alberto Giolitti, Arturo del Castillo, Jije, Franquin, Morris, Alberto Uderzo, Jean Giraud and others that I do not remember . 

Then I discovered them on my own, and they still are part of the artists I admire. My way of drawing has been more or less the same, I am adding what I learn seeing and studying other cartoonists.

- TBE: What are the current graphic artists that you like the most?

They are Sean Phillips, Carlos Gomez, Marcelo Frusin, Massimo Carnevale, Inio Asano, Frederic Boilet, Marcelo Quintanilla, Corentin Rouge…

- TBE: After a long career, do you have any "thorn in the flesh", like working with a specific artist, or working for any new editorial, or in any professional field that you haven't explored yet?

Life comes and goes, but for now I do what I like, as a spine stuck, if I had any, it was surely lost in time..
- TBE: What is your favorite technique for drawing and coloring?
I like inking, because once the  inking is done, the drawing is finished and your invoice is defined. I used to apply color with watercolor techniques, but now I use the Photoshop program.

- TBE: In what point in your career did you feel more comfortable working and with more creative freedom? 

I almost  always have had creative freedom, if I have to quote a work, I would choose the illustrations I made for the Alatriste series novel titled corsairs of levante, I created those illustrations at the same time as the author Arturo Pérez-Reverte wrote it and that produced a very special synergy.

Corsarios de Levante (Levante's corsairs)

TBE: What do you think of digital comic books ... is the comic industry in danger / crisis with the menace of pirate downloads? How can this affect the work of artists? 

I think digital formats will be the future and the way the authors would be able to live from their creations. I suppose readers will be charged for buying their digital works and then selling the paper versions will add more incomes.

- TBE: What can you tell us about your love for pottery and what place it occupies in your professional development?

Pottery took up a lot of time for many years in my life. It taught me that luck plays an important role in creating artworks and you have to know how to take advantage of it, today is today and tomorrow will be another different day. Currently, due to my work creating comics, I only make some sporadic contribution to the ceramics that my partner does.

 Mundet's  Pottery

- TBE: What can you tell us about your current job? What about your upcoming projects?

I am working in Capablanca, there will surely be six books of one hundred pages each. I have finished the first three books and now I am working on the fourth one.  

As a project in mind, I'd like to do a western.

- TBE: ¿What memory / relationship / influence do you have with Jean Giraud and his work?

Jean Giraud is a cartoonist I always come back to, especially with Blueberry. It is like a haven of peace that confirms me in my career as a draftsman.

Counting on you in this tribute has been a real pleasure Joan. Thank you very much for sharing your fantastic tribute to Moebius with all of us and for your time. We are still waiting for Capablanca and hopefully your western project. Cheers Joan!!


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