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   Fernando Blanco gives tribute:

  Moebius, Toppi & Joe Kubert

Tribute to Moebius, Toppi and Joe Kubert
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This is the awesome tribute that Fernando dedicated back in 2012 to three great talents that left us in the same year: Jean Giraud, Toppi an Joe Kubert. Once I contacted him to join this tribute to Moebius he offered  this web the possibility of using this picture of the three wise men...with Lieutenant Blueberry in the foreground. 

Fernando Blanco González (Zaragoza, 1971), studied illustration at the School of Arts of Zaragoza and made himself a name with the Aragonese fanzine 451º.  Associated to Jesus Saiz, he worked with the editors Camaleon ("El Fabricante") and Planeta ("Pin Ups"). In 2003, he worked for the French editor Semic France on the series "Strangers".

Fury Road

He began working for the US as an inker for some of his 451º colleagues (Jesús Saiz, David López) before moving on to work as a draftsman in series such as Army of Darkness (Dynamite), Thunderbolts (Marvel) or Phantom Stranger (DC).


He later directed the special Captain America: Theater of War (To Soldier On), Uncanny X-Men: First class # 8 where he would handle pencil, ink and color, the last two episodes of Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk as well like X-Men Forever # 23 and the corresponding Giant Size of that  collection.

Batman Eternal

And much more:  I vampire, Trinity of sin, Detective comics, Batman Eternal, Batwoman, Midnighter and Apollo....among others. He is a trully all-terrain artists, since he has credited works as penciller, inker or colorist, and has worked for DC, Marvel, Image and Dynamite.

Batwoman (Mignolesque)


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