Olivier Faure "Auleeve": 

Blueberry tribute sheets.

© Olivier Faure
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These two drawings are part of a dossier that Olivier had sent to Dargaud Editions  in 2008 looking for the takeover of Marshal Blueberry.

This series didn't continue due to problems with rights of successions. At that time, he wanted to take back the design of  Marshall Blueberry series, hoping to get technical advice from the master Giraud to improve his drawing. 

© Olivier Faure

 A few months later his wish was fulfilled. Jean Giraud called him on the phone to give him some constructive critics about his work. Then followed an exchange of words that allowed them to discover a common passion for the engravings of Gustave Doré ". 

© Olivier Faure

 In 2012, at the death of Jean Giraud, 100 authors organized a tribute to him in the pages of the magazine "dossiers de la bande desinée" (dBD) among which Boucq, Juillard, Vance, Zep. Affected by the death of Blueberry's father, he contacted Frédéric Bosser, managing editor, to take part in this special issue. Watching his drawings, he trusted in his drawing habilities and he let him express his feelings in his own way.

© Olivier Faure

Olivier Faure, also known as AULEEVE or MISTER STRONG, was born on september, 15,  1972 in Gap (département 05, France).After a childhood and adolescence lived in the "soft capital", he left the Gapençais basin for three years to train at the Ecole Municipale des Beaux-Arts in Digne (04), then at the l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts et Arts Appliqués liés à l’Impression in Epinal (88).He created comic workshops and helped set up the first edition of the Gap comic festival in 1996. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, he organized a drawing workshop for the Hautes-Alpes General Council.In October 2002, the association Rage in Bulles allows him to release his first album BD.A few months later, this enthusiast of places loaded with history moved to Narbonne where he returned to his job as an illustrator  in May, 2008.

Guffie Palmer, Jimmy McClure and Mike Blueberry

© Olivier Faure

As a cultural actor of his city and department, he creates Manga classes (Japanese comics) and invests the Médiathèques of Narbonne, Capendu, Fleury d'Aude and Port-la-Nouvelle and runs courses of initiation of this unknown and attypical art since 2009.
Participating in the Narbonne Youth Literature Fair, he privileged the meeting between writing, image and public in colleges and high schools.From 2011 to 2014, he became president of the association Aud'aquarelle, organizer of the international biennial of Aquarelle sur Narbonne. 

As the official designer of the NF-Board, an international football federation with teams not recognized by FIFA, he travels the globe covering the internal communication of this organization.

He currently creates images for companies, communities, various organizations, individuals and is writing the texts for a comic album.