Update:  08/04/2018  Tribute to Blueberry:

 Lt. Blueberry by Gérald Parel 

Lieutenant Blueberry by Gérald Parel

Gérald Parel is a French cartoonist, born March 6, 1975 in Paris.

After graduating, Gérald Parel began his first year of faculty in visual arts. He then leaves Paris for Brussels where he returns to the Saint-Luc school in comics section. He will stay there for a year, just like at the Beaux-Arts, which he integrates the following year. It is after his studies that he met Jean-David Morvan, he is then illustrator of role plays. A collaboration later begins between the two authors, which will give birth to the series 7 seconds published by Editions Delcourt.

Gerald Parel is also known as Cover Artist of comics, including his comic book Iron Man cover.

Sort in France in 2013 Season One Iron Man, scripted by Howard Chaykin, of which Gérald Parel signs all the boards.

He joins Sixmorevodka, a Berlin-based graphic studio specializing in character design and concept art, founded by Marko Djurdjevic and Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic as Concept Artist Senior