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  The tribute of Marc Pageau 

Tribute to Moebius by Marc Pageau

Marc Pageau, born April 30, 1963 in Quebec City, Canada, is a comic writer, comic book artist, illustrator, caricaturist and Canadian blogger.

He studied at the CEGEP in Joliette en Arts, where he published his first comics in the Opium fanzine in 1982. He then worked on several science-fiction and fantasy periodicals, such as Empire, Solaris, and Carfax, publishing numerous comics and illustrations.

It was during his studies in Visual Arts at Laval University that Marc Pageau and other young authors founded the magazine Enfin Enfin, while regularly contributing to the student newspapers, Matricule and Impact Campus.

An active member of the Society of Creators and Friends of the Comic Strip (ScaBD) since its inception in 1985, he has been involved in his publishing activities as well as various group exhibitions in his Documentation Center and cartoon animation (CDABD) in Quebec and Europe. He also becomes an active player in his Comic Strip Improvisation League. Still in school, he embarked on the adventure of Safarir magazine, part of his first team of designers and participated in its launch in autumn 1987.

Marc Pageau is especially noted as a writer of realistic sci-fi comics, which is rather rare in the field of comic books of the 1980s, dominated outrageously by humor. He continues to publish his comics in the magazines Bamboo and Imagine ..., among others. In 1988, Pageau was part of the Delegation of Young Quebec Authors at the XV International Comics Festival of Angoulême.

Marc Pageau became a full-time freelancer in 1990 as a comic book author, illustrator and live cartoonist. The year 1991 seems like an important year: he wins both the Solaris Prize, participates in the Quebec delegation at the second Bédécité Festival in Brussels, publishes an album entitled Jacque Drawoir on a screenplay by Benoît Joly, and makes an exhibition in solo at the CDABD.

In 1992, Pageau joined the team that launched the magazine Zeppelin, which won the 1993 Bédéis causa comic strip of the year for its publication at the 6th Festival de la bande dessinée francophone de Québec.

Designer of great versatility, Marc Pageau multiplies collaborations with other designers. He did the lettering of the Castello and Victor et Rivière albums (screenplay and drawing by André-Philippe Côté), published respectively by Falardeau editions, Soulières editions and reprinted by Éditions Trois-Pistoles. The album Victor et Rivière won the Prix Bédéis causa as Québec album of the year at the Festival de la bande dessinée francophone de Québec in 1999. He was a member of the comics group Grafik Sismik (1998-2002 ), based in Quebec and working mainly in American comics. Pageau teamed up with Eric Allard, a young cartoonist and American comic bookwriter to ink and letter the stories of the character of his creation The Red, published in the comic book Judgment Pawns published by Antarctic Press.

From January 1998 to January 2000, he became the comics director of the science fiction and fantasy journal Solaris and the organizer of the Solaris Prize - BD component. He also wrote Le Bédécrate, a review of international and Quebec comic publications. He coordinated a special issue of Solaris (number 132, winter 2000) with the participation of many of the past winners of the award. At the same time, he gives comic book classes at Imagine Workshops in Quebec City.

From 1998 until 2003, Pageau did comic book events and conferences on behalf of Safarir magazine in several municipal and school libraries in Quebec, as well as at the Festival de la bande dessinée francophone de Québec in 1998. In 2002 and 2003, Marc Pageau signed some humor cartoons in Safarir alone or with the collaboration of Gag (André Gagnon) on scenarios of Regatta DeBlanc (Michel Viau).

He collaborates from 1999 to 2004 at the BD Québec site as illustrator, proofreader and text creator.

In 2003, he began making editorial cartoons criticizing the war in Iraq on the American site deviantART. The manager of the weekly Beauce Week-end notices them and hires him as a caricaturist. These caricatures are featured on the portal EnBeauce.com. Marc Pageau joins the group of 1001 Faces cartoonists in 2007 in Montreal and participates in their annual exhibition since that time.


1998 : Trophy for the best SF illustration (created live), Festival Roberval Fantastique (Fantasy Festival of Roberval);

1997 : Solaris Prize in the comic art category, first place for the story 'Un bruit dans la nuit (A noise in the night)' published in the Québec SF magazine Solaris (number 122, summer 1997);

1991 : Solaris Prize in the comic art category, first place for the story 'Jeu dangereux (Dangerous game)' published in the Québec SF magazine Solaris (number 98, fall 1991);

1987 : Solaris Prize in the comic art category, third place for the story 'L'imagination (The Imagination)' published in the Québec SF magazine Solaris (number 78, March-April 1988);

1986 : Third Prize (college-university level), Festival de la caricature et de la bande dessinée de Trois-Rivières (Caricature and Comics Festival of Trois-Rivières) for the story 'Réflexions estudiantines (Students'Thoughts)' published in the students'newspapers Matricule (volume 3, number 5, November the 5th, 1985);

1985 : Solaris Prize in the comic art category (script contest), third place for the story 'La fameuse loi du plus fort (The famous law of the strongest one)' published under the title 'Dépollution (Depollution)' in the Québec SF magazine Solaris (number 87, October 1989);

1984 : Seventh distinction (adult category), Comic art Contest « Les Grands Voiliers » (2000 participants), Salon international du Livre de Québec (Québec Annual International Book Show), for the story 'Les grands voiliers et leurs hardis navigateurs (The great sailing-ships and their audacious navigators)' published in the ashcan Gravité Zéro (number 2, May 1999).