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   Introducing Pere Pérez

Lieutenant Blueberry Sketch by Pere Pérez

This week we review the trajectory of the Catalonian penciller, inker and cover artist with  greatest international projection in the last years: Pere Perez.
The fact of being so popular is one of the reasons of his full agenda along with publications and above all his presence in international comic cons, signing sessions and other promotion. His work on 'Faith' has earned him a nomination for the Eisner 2017 awards, which although it didn't culminated with the award, it is in itself a fact of great relevance.

Pere hasn't been able to officially join our tribute to Moebius, for which he feels a great admiration. Nevertheless, we show you a sketch of Lieutenant Blueberry that Pere did for us after we sponsored his kickstarter campaign of Pere's 2017 sketchbook  and that has kindly allowed us to share with you all .

Sketchbook 2017

Born in Barcelona in 1981, Pere Perez's first published work was as inker of Nacho Fernández in The Legend of Sasha, continuing to write and draw short comic books for the magazines Eros Comix and Penthouse Comix.

The leyend of Shasha

He continued publishing in the Spanish market, being part of the "Bull Damn collective" (Enrique V. Vegas, Víctor Santos, Kenny Ruiz, Joan Fuster, Pere Perez and Vicente Vegas) with Editorial Dolmen (Guerreros Urbanos).

Bull Damn City is about anthologies of cartoons of the west, all set in a fictitious city whose inhabitants are based on the authors themselves and other friends and acquaintances. It is an idea that emerged as a joke of the authors during Aviles comic con. The idea continued and even ended up leading to a Zombie version.

Bull Damn City

Soon the creativity of Pere embarks to the United States, where it's introduced by his agent during those days, David Macho, and after passing through small publishers (Dynamite, Devil's Due) Pere jumps to big brands: Marvel, Valiant and DC.

With Marvel we can find his work, among others, in Deadpool vs The Punisher, New Avengers, Marvel Adventures, Defenders, Power Man and Iron Fist, Rogue and Gambit ... well, the list of his works is already very extensive.

Deadpool vs The Punisher

Pere has been working regularly with DC Comics over the last few years in different titles: Superman, Batman, Batwoman, Supergirl, Birds of Prey, and his most numerous presence is in Action Comics.

Archer & Armstrong

Pere works for Valiant Comics in Archer & Armstrong, Unity, Ivar Timewalker, Faith and Harbinger.

With Faith, Pere has been nominated in this 2017 to the Eisner Awards in the category "Best New Series" with Jody Houser and Marguerite Sauvage on board. The nomination itself is a prize and a recognition of his well done job, and an incentive for Pere to keep on working hard following this line that is so successful.

 Eisner awards nominee, "Faith"

As you can see, Pere's career is very prolific and this has only just begun; We want to wish him  success, we will follow his progress..

And you, readers, take good note and do not lose sight of this great talent, very highly recommended. We add links in the sources section so that you look for more info about his work, we haven't forgotten his other works  (The Chronicles of Dragonlace) but there you are to go find'em...


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