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Tartessos' artist: Paco Nájera.

Baby Lieutenant Blueberry © Paco Nájera

Website: Paco Nájera Caricaturas
Profile: in facebook
This week we present an artist from the already well-known Jaen's school: Paco Nájera Ortega. Among many other things, Paco makes caricatures, and as a real pro he presents us this fabulous collaboration in the form of a cartoon of Lieutenant Blueberry in his earliest childhood.

Paco, born in Jabalquinto, province of Jaén, Spain, in 1959, is a humorous cartoonist who throughout his long career has been a caricaturist, scriptwriter and comic illustrator.
He began his professional career drawing comics in the magazine Super Mortadelo and Super Zipi y Zape, highlighting characters such as Chun-go, Eco and Logi and Capo and Rob. He collaborates in the fanzine Barzelona Comics from 1992 to 1996.

 Paco Nájera, Iconomías sumergidas (1994).

He publishes his first compilation albums Iconomías Sumergidas (1994), Seis postdatas a un tiempo (1996), El Capitán Tronado (1998, capitán trueno's parody) y Gañán el Bestiajo (1998, Conan the barbarian's parody). 

After this phase he continues with the series El hechicero (1999-2001) and El boceto (Amaníaco Ediciones, 2002).

Paco Nájera's "El Boceto" (Amaníaco ediciones, 2002).

Paco was then a member for a short time of the Association Viñeta 6, to which we have referred in some previous post of this blog.

During the following years, he continued with new projects, Aribel y Klonac, Cienfuegos, and the highly recommended Capitán Trueno, (published with the support of the Friends of El Capitán Trueno association).

Paco Nájera,  Capitán Trueno.

And so we reach 2005 with his most ambitious project, Tartessos, comic with a humorous touch set in the ancient city of Tartessos and with a great historical background. From this series 4 albums have already been published.

He is currently responsible, in the graphic section, of the fortnightly magazine Cruciletras and collaborates with the children's magazine Muy Interesante Junior, while he is still involved in the continuation of Tartessos.

Paco has also made numerous graphic works, such as collaborations in press, magazines, advertisements, posters ... and has organized numerous individual and collective exhibitions.

Here is the interview that Paco has made for our website: