Update 20: 10/07/2017   Tribute to Moebius new adds:

In this blog: Juancarlerías...

a taste of Moebius.

The world of drawing wouldn't be the same without graphic humor. We are going to have a series of graphic collaborations in this blog, that we will be revealing soon...you'll be surprised. This time it is about Juancarlos.

Juan Carlos Contreras has his space every day in the daily newspaper of Jaén with his humor vignettes. His aim...making us smile. And he does succeed.

But this talented guy from Jaen, Spain is able to bring us this impressive graphic collaboration bathed in his stamp and imprint that leaves us speechless: 

© Juan Carlos Contreras

And having the pleasure to present Lieutenant Blueberry this way, so original, so fresh and so different ... and how easy to draw it seems.

But we all know it ain't that easy.

Let's us put in value the immense talent of this great graphic humorist who once, for a good cause, disguises himself as Moebius.

Duelo explosivo © Juan Carlos Contreras

Juan Carlos is also involved in a campaign  (Jaén deserves more!) that seeks to give the notoriety that his province, Jaén, is lacking; especially punished by the crisis we are living in Spain, and forgotten in the industrial and infrastructural developments (among many others) necessary to generate business and wealth, and forcing young talented people to emigrate.

A puerta vacía © Juan Carlos Contreras

Selectividad © Juan Carlos Contreras

This is the blog interview that Juancarlos has agreed to answer: