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Milosav Ostojić : 

new blood from the balkans.

© Milosav Ostojić
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This week, another guest from the Balkans, this time from Prijepolje, Serbia, we welcome Milosav Ostojić. He has created this magnificent collaboration for us Moebius fans, and, as usual, he answers an interview that let us know a little bit more about his influences, techniques, etc.

He is involved in several projects, all comic related, and we'll have the chance of enjoying watching some samples of his undeniable talent.

Sketching... © Milosav Ostojić

- The Blueberry Encyclopaedia (TBE): What was your greatest artistic influence at the beginning of your proffesional life? 

Milosav: It is a question that is hard to answer. I'm discovering something new every day and some things I adopt consciously some subconsciously. Still, the greatest influence regarding my painting and drawing have had Dürer and Gustave Dore.

The little prince © Milosav Ostojić

- TBE: And now, which artists do you respect the most? 

Milosav: If I had to name a group of people I consider my role models and whi have had tremendous influence on the world of comics, the list would look like this: Alberto Breccia, Hal Foster, Andria Maurovic, Moebius and John Buscema.

- TBE: What do you prefer to work in: comic books, storyboards, animation, movies, advertising....? 

Milosav: Besides comics I also do caricatures and illustrations, but all that is secondary to the comics.

Lemmy Killmister © Milosav Ostojić

- TBE: What do you think of digital comic books ... is the comic industry in danger / crisis with the menace of pirate downloads? How can this affect the work of artists?? 

Milosav: Digital drawing has its advantages and disadvantages. Cartoonists used to waste a lot of time fixing certain frames but today it goes a lot faster. I think that every author should use tools that he/she believes will ease and improve his/her work.

Creating... © Milosav Ostojić

- TBE: What is your favourite atistic technique and why? 

Milosav: India ink is my primary technique due to my great role model Alberto Breccia.

Linije Fronta © Milosav Ostojić

- TBE: What are you working on and what are your upcoming proyects? 

Milosav: At the moment I'm finishing a western comic 'Mrak'; prior to that I was working on 'Dug put', a short comic with First World War theme, for Linije Fronta; and a comic about boxing, 'Iron Fist'. Couple of more comics are in the process of realization.

Iron fists © Milosav Ostojić

- TBE: What are your memories / relationship / influences with Jean Giraud and their artworks?

Milosav:  My first associations of Moebius are Lieutenant Blueberry and Arzak. As a collector I own everything that Moebius ever did on Blueberry. He is an incredible figure in the world of comics. He has influenced thousands of cartoonists, he was dominant in numerous styles, left behind a great number of panels and as such he will always be a great inspiration to all young cartoonists. Work and effort combined with always give results.

From the Blueberry Encyclopaedia we thank you very much for this collaboration to our Moebius tribute and wish you the best of luck in those upcoming comics that soon will be released.