Update 18: 26/06/2017   Tribute to Moebius new adds:

Juan Pablo López : 

a powerfull all-terrain artist,

a trully art servant .

© Juan Pablo López

It is the combination of words that came to mind to define him. Motivated for developping any of the pictorial techniques that he faces: comic, concept art, video games, animation, designs,...all reinforced by a solid base of his Degree in Art History.

At the same time, he works as an instructor of future graphic talent at a high-performance university center, the U-tad University in Madrid. He's really complete.

And such is the delight that brings him creating art, that as we proposed him to participate in this tribute to Moebius, he did the impossible to make time for doing an impressive collaboration and answering a fantastic interview that shows us many things that define him as a professional: