Update 17: 19/06/2017   Tribute to Moebius new adds:

This week visits this blog...

 ...the gifted Dražen Kovačević.

©Dražen Kovačević:

This tribute to Moebius is letting me discover very talented artists from the balkans, and the fact is they are very friendly and always willing to cooperate if possible.  Chapeau to that.

This week the popular  comic-book  artist born in Zagreb, Dražen Kovačević visits this blog with a gift: a wonderful lieutenant Blueberry drawing and, as usual, answers our questions in a very interesting interview...you can't miss it!!

A fabulous portrait of Blueberry by the great Miguel Quesada Ramos...

©Miguel Quesada Ramos: 
 Contact Miguel Quesada Ramos

Miguel Quesada Ramos is a versatile Spanish cartoonist based in Valencia, active since 1979. His name is linked to the return of the mythical "Guerrero del Antifaz" comic in 2016.
But Miguel has a long career behind, which includes works in European comics, some of them in Germany as Connie, Spook, or Gespenster, developed until the early 90's, when he enters the world of animation, with jobs as a Graphic designer, colorist or storyboards, in titles such as El Cid.La leyenda, Gisaku, Libelulas, Excalibur, Pedro y el Robot o Comandante Fly. 
He also presents works as illustrator in books for publishers as Susaeta, Magisterio, Ortells...and other kind of works, such as characters design for video games, graphic design in television spots ... shortly, a master and a real off-road.

As soon as this blog contacted Miguel, he did not hesitate to offer us a collaboration and to accept to answer to our classic interview:

Anson Maddocks...let there be art.

©Anson Maddocks: 
 Anson Maddocks art

Let there be art. So be it. And then I discovered Anson Maddocks' art when I was 14 and bought my first Magic the gathering deck and a booster with my brother. It was the 3rd revised edition and an expansion booster....fallen empires. We shared it to be able to play one against the other;  didn't have money for more at that time. Spent hours playing and watching the art on its cards.

And now, the master who created the sengir vampire, hurloon minotaur, fallen angel or llanowar elves, joins the tribute to Moebius with a collaboration and an interview. I can only say I woudn't believe it, it certainly is a dream come true.

Anson, as Drew Tucker (who also joined this blog tribute), is one of the original 25 artists that began Magic the Gathering along with Richard Garfield under Wizards of the Coast. 

Born and raised in Alaska, moved later to Seattle where he attended the Cornish College of Arts for a year and a half, after he decided to go freelance, and finally took part in the born of what became a worldwide card game, magic the gathering. Now is a reknown artist, spends his time in proyects, commisioned work, and still appears in mtg events.

You can read the full interview here:

Jean-Luc Serrano in our blog...
What to say...? 
Chapeau. Thank you monsieur.

©Jean-Luc Serrano: 
 IMDb Profile

When you get to reach someone like Jean-Luc Serrano, you feel comfortable since minute 0. It's really a pleasure to talk to someone who has conquered the U.S. animation scene with his talent at Dreamworks' service (Kung Fu Panda, the prince of Egypt, among others) and still he has that touch to surprise.
Judge by yourselves, this collaboration of a magnificent Jimmy McClure and get to know more about him in this fresh interview:

The Art of Paul Renaud (Marvel comics) arrives at the Blueberry Encyclopaedia, with a cool sketch to join our tribute to Moebius and a fresh interview.

Paul Renaud:  Paul Renaud Officiel

Paul is a French comic-book artist, born in '75 and Toulouse resident working for both European and French markets. Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Dynamite entertainment, Basement comics, amongst others...are the credentials of this talented artist.

He has happily answered our request for being part of this blog, share his art with us, do an interview and send the sketch of Lieutenant Blueberry he has created for us.

This is the full interview:

ENGLISH:  English Interview

FRENCH:   Interviu en Français

Drew Tucker joins our tribute to Moebius!!!

Drew Tucker is one of the original 25 Magic: The Gathering artists. Mastermind, teacher, illustrator.

It has been an honor that Drew accepted the challenge of capturing his art in our tribute to Moebius - Jean Giraud -, and in fact, a personal dream come true, since he is one of my favorite artists. 

We've had the best of communications during his creative process, and he's had all the freedom to choose how to develop this tribute, I didn't want guidelines, just wanted him to choose. His unique style is one hundred percent in this artwork, take your time to analyze each detail and enjoy.

Get to understand what is in the picture, and figure out what is not...


Drew Tucker