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Jean-Luc Serrano in our blog...
What to say...? 
Chapeau. Thank you monsieur.

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When you get to reach someone like Jean-Luc Serrano, you feel comfortable since minute 0. It's really a pleasure to talk to someone who has conquered the U.S. animation scene with his talent at Dreamworks' service (Kung Fu Panda, the prince of Egypt, among others) and still he has that touch to surprise.
Judge by yourselves, this collaboration of a magnificent Jimmy McClure and get to know more about him in this fresh interview:


Hi, Lieutenant Blueberry fans and followers. After a long time maintaining this blog and keeping it updated, I wanted to start a new chapter focusing on the participation of all of you.

What I propose is a visual homage, as it couldn't be otherwise, to the graphist of the series, Jean Giraud "Moebius", through:

- Fan Arts, graphic collaborations, drawings, designs, in short, creations of fans of the series that want to pay a tribute to this genius. You are ALL invited to do it!!!

- Collaborations of relevant professional artists. This part is more delicate, since there is a great effort and negotiation behind, to get great artists to join this beautiful initiative, given the complexity of their works, events, agendas, etc.

By now, we already have important artist collaboration, and we're working hard to add more. The complete list  is here:

I am knocking on the door of great graphic creators, and I hope that if doesn't happen soon, there will be  a commitment to a small future collaboration in this project.
Anyone interested in collaborating with their designs, if possible, with a dedicate to the blog, can contact me through my mail or my account of devian art: