Year 2017. Fifth anniversary of the death of the master Jean Giraud "Moebius". From this website, we have decided to remember this anniversary with a tribute in the form of artistic collaborations collected throughout the year. 

These are all the contributions, all intending to pay a fair tribute to Lieutenant Blueberry's graphic creator. The links to the authors and their web pages are located under each image. 

Once again, I can only say THANKS SO MUCH to all of you for being part of this and for the good vibes shown throughout a process that takes a lot of work and effort behind.


©Anson Maddocks: 
 Anson Maddocks art

© Justin Norman, a.k.a. Moritat

© Juan Pablo López Arenas:  contact

©Miguel Quesada Ramos: 
 Contact Miguel Quesada Ramos

Blueberry © Peter Nuyten

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Paul Renaud:  Paul Renaud Officiel

© Aguilar Sutil

Website: Sutile Zas
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© Sébastien Vastra
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©Dražen Kovačević:

©Jean-Luc Serrano: 
 IMDb Profile

© Juan Carlos Contreras

Gonzalo Martínez:

 Lieutenant Blueberry © Arturo Molero

Website: Blog de Arturo Molero
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©Luka Cakic: 
 Devian Art

©Manel Fontdevila

Jovan Ukropina @ devianart:

© Milosav Ostojić
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Baby Lieutenant Blueberry © Paco Nájera

Website: Paco Nájera Caricaturas
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Lieutenant Blueberry by Abdel de Bruxelles

Alex Orbe:

Blueberry © Xavier Drago

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© Apriyadi Kusbiantoro: https://www.aprikusbiantoro

Didier Cromwell:

Oliver Taduc:  Olivier Taduc Officiel

Tiomir Tikulin @ devianart:

Chris Regnault@ devianart:


Fan art by Pablo Sanchez.


Fan art by Txomin Vicente.

© Mirko Žulić
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