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General Allister "Golden Mane"
General and senator Jim Lane
General Blair
General Clay
General Crook
General Dodge
General Edmund Kirby Smith
General Ewell 
General George Armstrong Custer
General George H. Stewart
General John Bedford Forrest
General Jubal Early
General Landville
General Longstreet 
General McLaughlin
General McPherson
General Miller
General Mitchell
General Phil Sheridan
General Pickett
General Portillo
General Robert E. Lee
General Stand Watie
General Stonewall Jackson
General Sykes
General Thomas
General Thomas Ewing
General Ulysses Simpson Grant
General William Tecumseh Sherman
Colonel Baker
Colonel Birdling
Colonel Bragg
Colonel Colemery
Colonel Dixon
Colonel Drake
Colonel Hardling
Colonel John D.Holt
Colonel Joshua Chamberlain 
Colonel Kelly
Colonel Paul Morton
Colonel Strong 
Colonel Tom Clark
Colonel Totten
Colonel Trevor
Colonel William Penn Adair
Comandante Vigo
Comandante GutiƩrrez
Commandant de Saint Claude
Major Bascom
Major Burke
Major Foster
Major Lamy
Major Morton
Major O'Brian
Major Rutherford
Major Sam Stevens
Major Stewart
Captain Carson
Captain Carver
Captain Crazy "frenchie" Beaumont
Captain Darvel 
Captain Dixby
Captain Doug
Captain Ellis
Captain Finlay
Captain Frank Sarkel
Captain Jonathan Wilcox 
Captain Joplin
Captain Lewis Norton
Captain Mills
Captain Noonan
Captain Porter
Captain Redgrave
Captain Stevens
Captain Swift
Captain Travis
Captain William Clarke Quantrill
Captain Williams
Lieutenant Anson M. Jones
Lieutenant Bloch
Lieutenant Bones
Lieutenant Boyle
Lieutenant Bradbury
Lieutenant Buddington
Lieutenant Craig
Lieutenant Crowe-blue-coat
Lieutenant Driscoll
Lieutenant Duncan 
Lieutenant Jeff Garrett
Lieutenant King
Lieutenant Marlowe
Lieutenant Mike Steve Blueberry
Lieutenant Taylor
Sargent Cambridge
Sargent Carver 
Sargent Chesterfield
Sargent Daugherty
Sargent Fahrer
Sargent Fairfax
Sargent Fargo
Sargent Grayson
Sargent Hal
Sargent Higgins
Sargent Joshua
Sargent Joshua (2)
Sargent Kimball
Sargent Lowder
Sargent Matt
Sargent Mickey Free
Sargent O'Reilly
Sargent Peters 
Sargent Phillips
Sargent Potter
Sargent Selznik
Sargent Wilson
Corporal Barnes
Corporal Blutch
Corporal Bogs
Corporal Bullock
Corporal Daugherty
Corporal Hogg
Corporal Horseblower
Corporal Mark
Corporal Parker
Corporal Tischman
Corporal Verdier
Private Barton
Private Benton
Private Cardiff
Private Chuck
Private Cooper
Private Douglas
Private Dowson 
Private Fergusson
Private Fletcher
Private Frank
Private Garfield
Private Janson
Private Jeeves
Private Keef
Private Kelley
Private Ken
Private McGuire
Private Mulligan
Private Murphy
Private Olson
Private Perkins
Private Schweck
Private Thornton
Private Tim Haynes
Private Tom
Private York